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Studierende Universität Bayreuth


  • Are you enrolled at the University of Bayreuth and interested in entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, or starting your own business? If so, then why not attend a course to learn more about entrepreneurial ways of thinking and acting. Here you will find an overview of professors who address various aspects of company formation and entrepreneurship.

  • Are you planning to start your own business alongside your studies or after graduation? We look forward to helping you take the first few steps towards self-employment. Why not attend one of our courses on "developing business ideas", "developing a business plan", or "starting a business". For the dates and times of our courses ask us.

  • Perhaps you are past the brainstorming phase and need specific tips on the next steps to take in starting your business. You may also want to apply for a funding programme for start-ups. Why not take advantage of our Start-Up Advising. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Are you looking for like-minded individuals who are also planning to start a business -or may have already done so - in order to discuss your experiences? Are you interested in trying your hand at being an entrepreneur? If so, we encourage you to get involved in our student start-up initiatives or the competition 5-Euro Business.

  • If you want to gain some experience in entrepreneurship while you are a student, an internship might be the way to go.

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