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Technology Alliance of Upper Franconia

TAO, or the Technology Alliance of Upper Franconia, supports cooperation between the Universities of Bamberg and Bayreuth and the Universities of Applied Sciences in Coburg and Hof.

TAO was established in 2011 to counter demographic shifts. It focuses on cooperation between the partner universities in research, teaching, cooperation with industry, and knowledge transfer to the private sector in three core areas and three cross-sectional technologies.

Research groups across different faculties working in close collaboration in the core areas were established in Energy and Mobility, and in the cross-sectional technologies Materials, Information Technology (IT) and Sensor Technology, and Humans and Technology.

One of TAO's central goals is to ensure the desirability of our places of study to keep young people in the region from moving away and to attract them from elsewhere. Higher education institutions need top-notch research to maintain or improve their standing. Quality of teaching is equally important. This involves offering attractive programmes of study, joint courses, joint doctoral projects, and making transferring between higher education institutions easy and barrier-free.

It is commonplace for modern businesses to cooperate with higher education institutions. Interested businesses need information on research priorities at higher education institutions, and higher ed institutions need information on businesses' demand for innovation. All parties involved benefit from the exchange of information and mutual involvement. Higher education institutions thus make a major contribution to business and society in addressing the challenges of the future. Acting as a liaison between the higher education institutions, industry, and various associations is also a central responsibility of TAO.

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