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Student Start-Up Initiatives

If you’d already like to take your first steps toward self-employment during your studies but still feel a bit insecure about getting in touch with like-minded people at the University, we advise you to start small, work in groups, and elaborate your idea in cooperation with others. Student initiatives and competitions can help you and you’ll also get support from external advisors and input from fellow students.


Enactus is a student community that receives support from decision-makers from science and the business world to achieve sustainability by establishing entrepreneurial projects at the social and ecologic level. Enactus stands for the following: Entrepreneurial (readiness of mind to recognize opportunities and achieve benefits), Action (the willingness to create and go through with an idea even if success isn’t guaranteed) , Us (the humans who feel connected by an important task and thereby want to be part of something bigger. The Enactus student group has been present at the University Bayreuth since 2012 and has already initiated several projects of which a few could be transferred to other groups in the region. The “Empowering Refugees” project achieved third place in the RTL-television award. In spring 2017, Enactus Bayreuth inaugurated the inclusive Artothek.

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Start-Up Forum (Gründerforum Bayreuth e. V.)Hide

The Start-Up Forum Bayreuth e.V. is a student initiative with the aim of rasising awareness of business start-up related topics. It also encourages self-employment as a career option.

The Forum serves as a first point of contact and service point for interested students and as an information hub by multiplying information on the already existing university services in the area. Networking among students, student enterprises and other relevant institutions is another task of the initiative. The Forum also organizes events like the annual elevator pitch during the winter semester and ongoing regular’s tables for informal information exchange.


Do you have a business start-up idea? Do you want to try it out for one semester with professional assistance?

If so, the 5 euro business start-up competition might be for you! With 5 euros in seed money, students from different disciplines can try out what it means to be an entrepreneur. You will get assistance from business owners in the region and receive training in the fields of marketing, project management and law within various seminars.

Since 1999, 10 universities in Bavaria have taken part in the start-up competition. The 5-Euro-Business implemented by Wirtschaft im Dialog im Bildungswerk der Bayerischen Wirtschaft e. V. in cooperation with the regional organizers. In Bayreuth, the competition gets organized by BF/M-Bayreuth (Betriebswirtschaftliches Forschungszentrum für Fragen der mittelständischen Wirtschaft e. V.) at the University Bayreuth.

For further information, please contact Mr. Julian Kettl (BF\M).

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