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The ability to achieve innovation, to think and act innovatively, is crucial for individual, societal, and economic development.

The duty of academic education is to enable students and researchers to think and act critically and in a self-determined and responsible manner.

For this reason, it is our aim to train entrepreneurial thinking and acting and – in other words: to foster an entrepreneurial spirit, to enable students to shape their own futures, and to enhance the application of interdisciplinary content in classical course arrangements. This serves as a basis for self-employment, business start-ups, and creating innovations in companies.

In the following, you can find an overview of the current  entrepreneurial training opportunities at the University Bayreuth. We are constantly extending and reviewing these offers in cooperation with the faculties.

You can also find additional events such as business games under “Important Dates”.

Bayreuth Consultation (Bayreuther Hospitation)Hide

Aim of the project

  • Development and implementation of feasible and efficient solutions to a practical issue facing a small or medium enterprise in the region
  • Comprehensive project work in small groups in close cooperation with the enterprise incl. intermediary and final presentation

We offer

  • The experience to work on a concrete, real life project
  • Close cooperation with a SME
  • Support and advice from an experienced consultant
  • a theoretical introduction and support while setting-up the project

Acknowledgment (overall 6 ECTS)

  • Acknowledgment possible as a B1-6 research module or supplement module

Target Group

  • all master’s students
  • All fields and specializations are welcome


  • Please refer to our homepage (offered once every semester)
Social Entrepreneurship-SeminarHide

The Chair of Information Systems Management offers a mixed (B.Sc./M.Sc.) case study seminar every summer semester in cooperation with Hilfswerft gGmbh entitled “Social Entrepreneurship Seminar”.

  • The seminar demands on-site attendance
  • It was designed to be completed in teams and is worth 5 (+1) ECTS points
  • The assessment component includes a final presentation as well as a written essay on your case. It can be completed as a C4-case study (Business B.Sc.) or as part of the supplement module (Business M.Sc.),
  • Participants from other faculties and disciplines are welcome but must refer to their own examinations office about transferring credit for the course.
  • Participation is limited to 20 persons
  • A binding registration has to be made via CampusOnline

Please refer to Mr. Christoph Buck for additional questions christoph.buck@uni-bayreuth.de

Certificate “Entrepreneurship”Hide

Students of all disciplines are invited to earn an additional “Entrepreneurship” certificate. Skills in the field of entrepreneurship will be taught in various lectures and seminars. This will serve as a basis for later functions as a freelancer, a business start-up manager, or an entrepreneur. However, it is also a good starting point for students planning a career in the area of dynamic businesses e.g. as a consultant, financier, or in a related institution.

...more information about the certificate Entrepreneurship

Start-Up SeminarsHide

The aim of this series of seminars is to allows external experts to share insights into the issue of starting a business. Topics include searching for ideas via business plan formulation, marketing, and financing to tax and legal questions.

More information on upcoming events is available here.


Do you have a business start-up idea? Do you want to try it out for one semester with professional assistance?

If so, the 5 euro business start-up competition might be for you! With 5 euros in seed money, students from different disciplines can try out what it means to be an entrepreneur. You will get assistance from business owners in the region and receive training in the fields of marketing, project management and law within various seminars.

Since 1999, 10 universities in Bavaria have taken part in the start-up competition. The 5-Euro-Business implemented by Wirtschaft im Dialog im Bildungswerk der Bayerischen Wirtschaft e. V. in cooperation with the regional organizers. In Bayreuth, the competition gets organized by BF/M-Bayreuth (Betriebswirtschaftliches Forschungszentrum für Fragen der mittelständischen Wirtschaft e. V.) at the University Bayreuth.

For further information, please contact Mr. Julian Kettl (BF\M).

Social Entrepreneurship CampHide

Tackling societal problems in an entrepreneurial manner and helping to shape the future – this is what social entrepreneurs hope to achieve with their initiatives in the fields of health, education, environment protection, inclusion, integration and development. The Social Entrepreneurship Camp offers students the chance to look into this subject and try out for themselves how ideas to make the world a better place get implemented in an entrepreneurial way.

The Social Entrepreneurship Camp is organized in cooperation with Hilfswerft gGmbH.

Startup Challenge BavariaHide

Every year, the University Bayreuth is one of six Bavarian universities that takes part in the Startup Challenge Bavaria. Here students have the chance to join teams at home to compete against other student teams within a virtual set-up without any risk. The aim is to establish a new start-up on the market. After six rounds, the top six teams are invited to Nuremberg for a chance to win prizes worth 4,000 euros. They also have the opportunity to meet the other teams, participate in business start-up workshops, extend their networks, and thinking about approaches for their own real-life start-up idea.

...more information about the Startup Challenge

Entrepreneurial Thinking & Business DesignHide

The course Entrepreneurial Thinking & Business Design is offered on a regular basis by the Junior Professor of International Technology Management, Industrial Services in cooperation with the Chair of Business Administration VII – Information Management and the Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

The aim of the seminar is to develop an innovative business idea (no matter if profit or non-profit) from A- Z. There will be a final pitch in front of an audience and a jury consisting of entrepreneurs and real investors. The seminar is geared towards master’s and doctoral students of all disciplines and faculties.

...more information about the course.

Within the scope of the funding programme of the Free State of Bavaria „Entrepreneurship4All“ and together with the The Centre Digitisation.Bavaria (German: Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern, short: ZD.B) the University of Bayreuth fosters the Entrepreneurial Education - especially focused on Digitalization - within all faculties.

Everything about the project and the upcoming Events you can find here: e4all.uni-bayreuth.de.

There are also several research chairs, mostly in the field of innovation management and entrepreneurship that address the topic of entrepreneurship as well:

  • Chair of Innovation & Dialogue Marketing
  • Chair of Technology & Innovation Management
  • International Technology Management, Industrial Services
  • Chair of Strategic Management & Organization

In addition to these, plenty of other research chairs in most faculties offer courses on the topic. Some are open to students of all disciplines. Since these activities are revised regularly, please contact us for the latest information.

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