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Advising for start-ups

We support start-ups and spin-offs and arrange contacts in the university for external stakeholders.

Our support is geared towards:

  • Students of all faculties
  • University staff of all faculties who are interested in forming a company or becoming self-employed
  • Alumni and external stakeholders who would like to set up a business in cooperation with the University

Special services:

  • Confidential one-on-one advising
  • Support in applying for federal and regional support programmes (Flügge, EXIST) and business plan competitions
  • Providing contact to experts and start-up consultants in the region

Seminars, Events and Support Programmes:

Overview of funding programmes for start-ups:

EXIST Business Start-up GrantHide

The EXIST Business Start-up Grant supports students, graduates and scientists from universities and research institutes who want to turn their business idea into a business plan. The start-up projects should be innovative technology or knowledge based projects with unique features and good commercial prospects of success.

Who is supported by the fund?

  • Scientists from public, non-profit research institutes/ universities
  • University graduates and former members of the academic staff (up to five years after leaving the University).
  • Students who have completed at least half of their studies at the time of applying.
  • Entrepreneur teams of up to three people. Teams in which students constitute the majority of members are only funded in exceptional cases.

One of the maximum of three team members may have a qualifying professional education and can be funded as the technical staff, or one of the team members may have a degree that is more than five years old.


The application must be made via the university. Applications can be submitted at any time. For general information and help preparing your proposal please get in touch with Advising for Start-Ups at the University Bayreuth. More information on the grant is available at www.exist.de/EN


A programme supporting business start-ups in the field of digitization

1. The programme’s goals:

  • Supporting technology-oriented business start-ups in the field of digitization at the beginning             -
  • Contributing to the establishment of fresh, innovative businesses in the market

2. Who receives support?

Business start-ups in the field of digitization, whose foundation was no more than two years ago (relevant is the last possible day of application) and with a particularly sustainable, innovative business model.

3. What is funded?

Expenditures cover: Rent and costs for personnel, the market introduction of the product, research and development

4. How does the funding work?

Up to a maximum of 50% of all eligible expenses will be covered for a period of one year up to a  maximum 36.000 €. Funding is provided in the framework of the De minimis Regulation of the EU.

5. How can you get selected for funding?

For a successful application, please fill out the online application form (only in German).

    Step 1: Competition procedure, assessment of the application by an external jury of experts

    Step 2: Selected candidates submit their funding request at the authorised government

EXIST Transfer of ResearchHide

EXIST Transfer of Research supports outstanding research oriented projects that involve expensive and high-risk resource development.

The objective of the first phase of funding of EXIST Transfer of Research is to carry out resource development to verify technical feasibility, to develop prototypes, to work out a business plan and finally to start up a business.

EXIST Transfer of Research has two phases of funding

In the first phase, results of research that have the potential of becoming the basis of a start-up business are developed further. The objective is to carry out further resource development to clarify fundamental problems involved in converting academic findings into technical products and processes. The business concept based on these findings should be made into a business plan and the planned business start-up should be prepared systematically.

In the second phase of funding further resource development, measures to start business operations and meeting the prerequisites for external business financing are at the centre of interest.

Who is supported in Phase I of funding?

Research teams at universities and research institutes (a maximum of three academics and technical assistants) and one person with managerial competence.

What is the objective of Phase II of funding?

This phase of funding deals with further resource development, measures to start business operations in the newly created technology venture as well as meeting the prerequisites for external business financing.

Who is supported in Phase II of funding?

Applicants are small technology oriented limited companies with an initial contribution of at least 25,000 euro that were raised during Phase I of funding. Essential specialists from Phase I of funding bring their knowledge and work force to the new venture and are represented by at least one person in the management of the new company. Entrepreneurs active in the company must own significantly more than 50% of the company shares.


Deadlines for applications are June 30th and December 31 of a year. For basic information and the preparation of a proposal please get in touch with the foundation consultation at the University Bayreuth. You can get more information on the grant on www.exist.de/EN

Bavarian funding programme to facilitate the transition to self-employment (FLÜGGE)Hide

The overall concept of the FLÜGGE Programme is geared to the demands of the early phases of a business start-up (the seed to start-up phases). This programme enables the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology to supports young university graduates and university employees and gives them the opportunity to keep a half-time position at the University to continue earning a living while finalizing their business start-up concept.

The main application requirement is an innovative business idea in the production or service sectors that offers sustainable potential for growth and is embedded in a promising business plan. The grant is to be used to fund the formation of a new company. Applications may be submitted by individuals or teams.


Applications are to be submitted to the project management agency of the FLÜGGE programme via the University’s start-up advising office. For general information on drafting a proposal, please get in touch with the University Bayreuth’s start-up advising office. More information on the grant is available at http://www.fluegge-bayern.de/ (German only).


Dr. Andreas Kokott
Start-Up Advising / Property Rights and Filing Patents
Phone: +49 (0)921 / 55-4672
E-mail: gruendungsberatung@uni-bayreuth.de; schutzrechte@uni-bayreuth.de
Office: Room 1.2.18

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